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Thanks to our expertise, we are able to immediately commence our work and bring you the vision of your product as quickly as possible!


The success of the product does not only depend on the aroma mix, but also on the comprehensive method of designing it.

Individual approach

We know the recipe for success of both large as well as the smallest companies. We work on creating premium products, but also develop affordable options.

Our products

Flavor cards

A line of aromatized cards thanks to which you will be able to add a specific amount of menthol to your favorite cigarettes. You will achieve the result by placing the product in the packaging...

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Apart from e-liquids, our offer also includes all the other accessories necessary to create a fully-fledged product...

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CBD oil

CBD oil is produced from true hemp. It is the concentrated form of an important CBD compound the detailed effects of which are currently being discovered.

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This product constitutes a real alternative to standard nicotine shots. Nicotine salts are a naturally occurring form of nicotine...

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EXPRAN e-liquids

A broad assortment of Expran e-liquids proved on the Polish market as well as recognizable on foreign markets.

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Nicotine 99% Pure is produced according to the highest quality standards and is compliant with restrictive international regulations...

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Over 500 proven ArtVap aromas and flavor compositions necessary in e-liquid production. Available both in small bottles as well as large canisters.

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Propylene glycol

ArtVap pharmaceutical monopropylene glycol – the basic raw material used in production of bases, e-liquids, shortfills, and shots.

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ArtVap 99.9% vegetable glycerin (of pharmaceutical quality) – the general raw material used in production of bases, e-liquids, shortfills, shots...

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About our Company

EXPRAN Sp. z o.o. has been operating in the sector of production and distribution of electronic cigarette liquids since 2013. Our offer includes a broad assortment of e-liquids (ready-to-vape), bases, nicotine shots, aromas and flavor bases (shake&vape).

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Do you want to produce your own e-liquids?

Do it with our company, step by step. Your idea combined with our support and production. Do not let your ideas rot at the back of the drawer! Start producing your own products today.

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